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Vlone shirts for men have taken shirts to a whole new level of style with their incredible creativity and knowledge. Shirts are no longer just worn for work or something. Modern open-design Pop Smoke Vlone shirts are ideal for any occasion (office attire, dinner parties, hangouts, concerts, etc.). It offers the best of both worlds. Its shape and overall design give it a formal look, while its pleat-free features have a casual style. However, if you’re not a fan of hanging your shirt outside, don’t worry; These Pop smoke Vlone shirts are designed so that they can also be worn “concealed”. In short, they are very versatile!

So the question that comes to mind is: Why do branded shirts cost a fortune? There are many reasons that make these shirts a little expensive and worth seeing, such as:

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Size Sample 

First, the Vlone brand has tailored shirts specifically to the exact size sample. It’s not one of those Off rack shirts designed (though not perfect) to fit various sizes. In other words, these shirts are made for you to perfection.

Interestingly, Off rack t-shirts are relatively cheaper because they are made for a large audience. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have bought them so cheap. So the exact size pattern (designer shirts) justifies the high price a bit, doesn’t it?


Another great reason why designer Pop Smoke Vlone shirt is a little expensive is the material/fabric they are made from. No wonder the higher the quality (of the fabric), the higher the price. So when it comes to Vlone shirts, you get exactly what you pay for – great value for money!

  • The price of fabrics varies greatly depending on the type, quality, and fabric, so you can see T-shirts from Vlone are high-quality shirts.
  • Also, the shirts of the best brands are made of cotton, synthetics, silk, and wool, which turns out to be the most expensive. This now gives a clearer idea of why these shirts cost a fortune.


Fabric construction (also called embroidery) is a pretty serious process. It requires a high level of competence and methodology. The slightest mistake can result in a poorly finished shirt. That is why a highly skilled workforce is needed.

This now also means that the brand must incur additional costs because hiring competent tailors is not cheap. The higher your skills, the higher the costs.

That said, few brands resort to engineering to lower the final price of the shirt. However, this is probably not the best way to do it, as machines, unlike highly skilled tailors, are more prone to manufacturing defects. So it’s best to stick with a brand like Vlone that employs tailors (rather than machines) for the best value for money.

Pre-sale and post-sale service 

Another factor that adds (albeit marginally) to the high cost of Pop Smoke Vlone shirts is pre-sale and post-sale service. Vlone retailers tend to have constructive guidelines to facilitate “product returns” for customers.

For example, you will receive a receipt when you shop. If the product is defective, you can return it and the amount will be credited to your amount. Not all retailers provide pre-sale and after-sale services for a small fee, which is usually included in the final price of the shirt.

Brand Name and Marketing  

If you want to wear a shirt from a well-known fashion brand, you have to pay a very high price for it. After all, the best brands offer the best value for money (both in terms of money and quality), it would not be stellar.

So, wear Pop smoke Vlone shirts and be trendy on all of the occasions about to happen. Read More article mylinemagazine.