Block paving can upgrade the look and worth of your property just as make a wonderful parking spot that is not difficult to keep up with. Block paved driveways look great, are durable, and are very reliable.

Block paved driveways can also be easily repaired, which is a plus. A damaged block can simply be replaced with a new one. Block paved driveways come in many styles and colors, making them suitable for any home or property.

Different colored bricks and patterns can be used to create unique driveways. Block paving is a popular driveway choice for homeowners in the UK. This type of driveway can be seen from many homes to the High Street footpaths.

We can also help you choose the right block paving for your property, as there are many options for colors and patterns. For all needs of your landscaping and Driveways in Edinburgh, Hallmark Driveways is always available to give you the best in quality and price.

Block paving can enhance the look and value of your property as well as create a beautiful parking space that is easy to maintain


Block Paving is used in many driveway designs. A traditional block-paved driveway can add timeless elegance and age to your home. In a subtle but elegant way, block paved driveways can complement many types of brickwork.

If you are looking for block paving to be installed on your property, then this is the place to go. Since Hallmark Driveways have a broad group of expert Block paving installers with numerous long periods of involvement. Hallmark Driveways can provide a perfect block driveway for any budget.

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What are the benefits?

Block paved driveways are very popular in the UK and around the world due to their many benefits. This type of driveway offers many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • It is suitable for all purposes
  • Cost-effective standard block installations are possible
  • If damaged, individual blocks can be replaced
  • Durable
  • It is visually pleasing
  • You can make your own custom-made products with a variety of sizes, colours and shapes


Block paving is an outdoor flooring option that is very popular in the UK and around the world. Block paving offers many different styles, colors, and patterns. This is one of its best features. Block paving can be made to your exact specifications, which is why they are so popular for driveways.


There are many factors that affect the cost of a block-paved driveway. The most important factor in determining the cost of a block paved driveway is the size. The cost of a driveway or path that is larger than it is wide will increase. This is because more bricks are needed to cover the area.