Art and Culture: Why hasn’t there ever been another Mona Lisa?

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Cultural projects are not only a luxury or a tourist attraction, but they have a key role in reviving and boosting the prospects of the minority sector and other small communities that are not financially too sound.

Civic institutions, like museums, public galleries, community art organizations, performing art institutions, arts councils, and public arts organizations hardly have much scope to uplift this class as the percentage of contribution is much lower than reliefs and donations are a rare opportunity to lead significant change. Still, they create innumerable employment and a will that is greater than money itself.

Aesthetic values of arts and crafts festivals are still highly important and appreciated all across the world. Often an artist who is at the peak continues to rise while several artists remain ambiguous about their market value. It’s the mind and the quality that people associate with one another, and that’s the reason why another painting like Mona Lisa’s fame couldn’t be acknowledged yet.

Often the exhibition’s visitors choose more traditional paintings than abstract art since they find them more homely even if it does not narrate any tale like it could have if observed.

This discrimination forces the artists to switch from what they are naturally good at to something more acceptable and usual.

With the traditional point of view, artists must be devotional like a hermit towards their art and all the pleasure they should know is from the measures of the paints and colors, but what about the life they want to lead and are deprived of from the norms set up by the beliefs. 

Isn’t it too selfish to ask somebody to be selfless for doing what they love and not expecting any reward when one is themselves incapable of shelling out any?

In the case of any reliefs, subsidies, and donations, the artist often lives off the little shackles they receive, which makes them inclined more towards the government rather than their art. Income decreases and increases via subsidies, donations, and spending on the average artist’s income and the number of artists in the arts.

The government supports arts and crafts festivals because they are obliged to, which is just like feeding the hungry and giving subsidies in government schools and meals since they are obliged for the same. Influential groups who profit from the government’s support of art pressure the government to support the arts. The government serves art because it is forced to do so.

That’s never how motivation works; art is oblivion, not an obligation. It should remind you of a story or a background, not something you feel you have to pay from state funds; otherwise, what will people say?

This is how as an individual and a lover of art and talent can appreciate and bring it back again arts and crafts shows near me:

Go to exhibitions and fairs. 

This boosts the confidence of young artists and makes you aware of Arizona and the talent in your city, which can be useful for you anytime in the future.


If you are privileged enough, you should buy at least one of their artwork for your room decor. Appreciation often doesn’t fill tummies; it’s one of the greatest ways to encourage them. 


Nothing would be better if you share their artwork through social media platforms. You can pose with the artist and their artwork and post it on your account, tagging their accounts. 

Exhibitions and Galleries:

If you are in contact with somebody who is influential and owns an art gallery, or if you are that somebody, you can display their work and acknowledge them. Nothing would be greater for them, ever.