Why is estimating essential before starting a construction project?

Construction Estimating

In many industries, there are some steps and then there is the final product. Same as this, in the construction industry there are some steps in which estimating is considered as an important step. Material takeoff services is a part of pre-construction steps in which takeoff specialists mark the materials and their quantities in a sheet.

Why is it essential?

To understand this question, you’ll need to know about construction estimating.

Making a sheet before starting a construction project which includes all the material, quantities, labor along with their prices about the current construction project is known as construction estimating.

It is essential because:

  • It can save headaches of short time or budget
  • Wastage quantity is minimal
  • Can save you a massive amount of time

Didn’t understand? Let me give you an example.

You decided to start a building in a commercial area. Now all the headaches of getting which material or how much of a budget will consume or let’s say you don’t know about the time it is going to take. That’s where you’ll need commercial estimating services so that everything gets under control. No more worrying about budget or time or even materials.

Main types of Construction Estimating 

  • Residential Estimating
  • Commercial Estimating
  • Industrial Estimating 

Residential Estimating 

As by name “residential” this type of estimating is on a residential basis for example it can be a house or a renovation of a swimming pool or any roofing update etc. Any project on your house level is residential estimating.

Commercial Estimating 

Buildings that are on commercial bases like a mall, retail stores, shopping centers, restaurants, offices, medical stores, cafes, etc. Office or any kind of commercial building requires commercial estimating.

Industrial Estimating

Any project related to industrial construction requires industrial estimating. It can be a factory or manufacturing plants, warehouses or cold storage, data housing, and flex buildings. Industrial estimating requires a lot of time and dedication as it is the biggest type of construction project.

Common types of estimating

Building a construction project is not easy work as it requires a lot of hard work. Some of the most essential estimating services are as under.

  • MEP Estimating Services
  • Roofing Estimating Services
  • Flooring Estimating Services
  • Painting Estimating Services

MEP Estimating Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Estimating Services (MEP Estimating Services) is the most common type of estimate. Mechanical estimating includes HVAC, duct, air conditioning units, exhaust fans, smoke detector, air filters, air cleaners, ventilation pipes, refrigerator, and rooftop units, etc. on the other hand electrical estimating services include the following low-voltage estimating, instrumentation and controls, and power distribution, etc. and plumbing estimating deals in piping services, fire sprinkler, or any kind of water running pipes.

Roofing Estimating Services

Ever heard “houses without roofs aren’t houses”. This type of estimating service includes concrete, rebar, grills, concrete blocks, and any other material used to make a roof.

Flooring Estimating Services

In flooring estimates materials like concrete, tiles, carpets, are estimated. The floor can be either dancing, or home, restaurant, offices, or hotels, etc.

Painting Estimating Services

This type of estimate is a part of exterior finishing estimate in which paints like: chrome, metallic, coatings, textured finishes of a house, hotel, the restaurant is estimated.  


As all business before starting requires a marketing strategy and ideas to start strong, construction projects also need estimating to get a firm start. Construction estimate is a painkiller for the headaches which occur by thinking of budget or time or materials. Three main estimating services are residential, commercial, and industrial. As all houses require roof mechanical, electrical, plumbing estimating services are essential in every construction project.