With VPS Netherlands quickly Scale your Online Business


The growth potential of an Online Business is beyond limitations. An Online Business can reach customers worldwide but to achieve that you need a strong website and a robust web server. The speed, performance, and uptime of your website heavily rely upon the quality of web hosting you choose. 

VPS Hosting is the most affordable, scalable, and reliable web hosting solution for your Online Business in the Netherlands. With the growth of your Online Business, the traffic also increases, and to effectively manage it you need to upgrade to VPS Netherlands. Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS is best for Small to Medium Scale Online Businesses. You will get excellent control and outstanding server configurations with Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Netherlands to support your Growing Business.

Read this article to learn more about VPS Hosting and its benefits for Online Businesses. 

Know About VPS Hosting

For hosting your Online Business you have 3 major options available that include shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. 

A shared hosting account is the cheapest form of web hosting. Most websites choose it at the initial stages. However, Shared Hosting offers limited resources and a common server environment. Here dozens of websites are hosted over a common physical server. So, as the business grows and the traffic rises, Shared Hosting starts outgrowing its limitations which results in poor performance. 

Opposite to a Shared Server is the Dedicated Server, which is the most expensive alternative. It gives you a separate physical server to be used by your website only. You will get the ultimate level of control and top-class features with a Dedicated Server. However, to opt for it you need technical expertise and a big hosting budget. 

VPS Netherlands is the best choice for growing Online Businesses that need an independent server but are not yet ready for a Dedicated Server. VPS is a virtual server that is created by separating a large physical server into smaller machines. Each VPS server has its own set of server resources and operating system. 

VPS Netherlands: When to Consider using it

As the website traffic grows you need more resources to easily handle it. Shared Hosting is unable to handle the heavy traffic load due to multiple users and limited resources. So, as your website traffic increases or you expect a rise in traffic soon you must upgrade to Netherlands VPS. 

Secondly, if you need more security or want an independent server for hassle-free business operation then you must choose VPS Hosting. 

VPS Hosting comes at a slightly higher price than a Shared Server. The Cheap VPS Netherlands Plans of Serverwala start from just $10. It is wise to choose an independent virtual server at such a cost-effective price if you want to advance your online business. 

How Netherlands VPS from Serverwala can help in Scaling your Online Business?

How Netherlands VPS from Serverwala can help in Scaling your Online Business

VPS Hosting provides various advantages to the users. If you are considering upgrading to a Dedicated Server you must read the points given below. Serverwala provides everything you need to grow an Online Business, performance, speed, and security. Serverwala is the Best Web Hosting Provider with over 56+ data centers across the Globe. 

Dedicated Server Resources

In Shared Hosting, the most prominent issue which most users face is access to server resources. When one or two websites over the server experience heavy traffic inflow, the rest of the users are left with fewer resources. It slows down the performance of the website which is not good for Online Businesses looking to scale up quickly. 

With VPS Netherlands from Serverwala, you will get an independent virtual server. Although the physical server of which the virtual server is a part will have multiple websites running over it. However, there will be no influence of the neighbors and each virtual machine will have its own set of resources. 

Faster Loading Speed

With your private server resources, you will be able to fasten the speed and performance of your website. The traffic received by other neighboring websites won’t slow down your loading speed. 

For Online Businesses Loading Speed is a crucial factor for reducing bounce rates and providing a better user experience. Moreover, the loading speed of your website also impacts your Rankings in the Search Engine Results.

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Advanced Security

With growing occurrences of cyber threats in the past few years, advanced data security has become crucial for Online Businesses. Serverwala’s Netherlands VPS Server provides higher security than a Shared Server. Here you get a Dedicated IP, DDoS Attack Prevention, Firewalls, and intrusion prevention for protecting your confidential data from a security breach. 

Data Backup and Disaster Relief

In the event of a data loss or theft, VPS Hosting Netherlands also provides disaster relief. In case if the situation of a disaster occurs VPS shifts to other modes and protects your data from any kind of loss. Further, Serverwala regularly backup the data stored on your server. It can be easily restored in case the need arises. 

Nominal Price

While VPSs are more expensive than Shared Servers, they are also considerably less expensive than Dedicated Servers. At the growing stage of your Online Business, it is the best alternative to switch from a Shared Server

Effective Support

Along with your VPS Plan from Serverwala, you will also receive the facility of 24/7 Technical Support. In case if you have any questions or if there is an issue with the server you may easily contact the Support Team. The team helps in upgrading the plans, customizing the server configurations, and troubleshooting the problems. 

Administrative Control

The level of control you get in a VPS is similar to the Dedicated Server. Here also you have the Root Access, which can be used to control the server files. Further, you can also install additional Software and Monitoring Tools required by your business. 

High Availability

VPS, as the name suggests is a Virtual Server, it has no physical existence. So, in case if the server faces a downtime it could be easily shifted to another physical server. In this way, your website achieves 99.9% Uptime and helps you in accomplishing higher sales and revenue. 

Final Words

For faster growth and expansion of your Online Business, you need faster speed, more resources, and advanced security which comes with VPS Netherlands. The Cheap VPS Hosting Netherlands plans from Serverwala provide your website with greater reliability and scalability. If you are still using Shared Hosting for your business, upgrade to VPS and enjoy the unbelievable advantages.

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