You must hire a Mehndi Event Planner to make your event remarkable


Mehndi is the most prominent wedding function being celebrated in different Asian countries. It is the most entertaining and dedicated day, especially for teenagers. People celebrate this function with enjoyment, and the girls put henna designs on their hands. That is the reason why it is also called the Henna function.

Moreover, people have always been excited to make the mehndi function memorable and special. Everybody plans to do something unique and worth remembering; thus, they hire a mehndi decoration company or mehndi event planners. The company provides different mehndi décor themes with entire planning and arrangement.

Services Provided by the Mehndi Event Planners

As you know, different wedding event planners are working hard to provide you with the best services. They try hard to fulfill your dreams. You can ask them to arrange the function as you want as they always satisfy your desires.

Similarly, if you want to make your mehndi function special, you should contact a mehndi event planner; they provide the best mehndi themes plus multiple services.

Here are some of their best mehndi planning services that expert planners are organizing if we talk about their services.

  • They provide a flowery decoration. It looks so natural and attractive. Also, they know how to blend different flowers to offer a unique look to the stage.
  • The stage décor provided by them is extremely beautiful. Once they decorate the stage, you can hardly take your eyes away from such an attractive decoration.
  • Not only the stage floor, but they also decorate the dance floor. That enhances the beauty of the event.
  • Well, they do not only come with decorations but also provide many other benefits. They can arrange the music system as well so that you can play all of your favorite songs with a high-quality sound system.
  • Lights play an essential role in the decoration of any event. Thus, a mehndi decoration organization or mehndi event planners provide proper lightning that increases the beauty of the stage.
  • The best service that they provide is photography.

If you want to get all of these services, you should hire professional event planners. They provide you with their event management services to fulfill your requirements.

Basic Ideas about Event Arrangement

There is no need to be confused about how to customize your event with a suitable arrangement or plan a special mehndi event. Here are some basic ideas given below. You can organize the best mehndi function after pursuing these ideas.

  • Choose a Perfect Location

First of all, choose a suitable location. A neat place that would satisfy your desires. Also, you can select a large area that provides you enough space for the arrangement of the function.

The place should be selected according to the number of your guests. Choosing a large and comfortable area should be your priority as it is essential for all the wedding functions. Also, select a place where you can easily organize the mehndi function and make the proper decoration.

Moreover, if you plan to organize the mehndi function in summer, you must arrange an indoor place. The hot weather can ruin your function. Thus, always organize the event at a place where you can be protected from the hot climate temperature.

  • Stage Decoration

Stage decoration is the most crucial part of the entire wedding arrangement. It not only enhances the beauty of the stage but also provides your event a different and graceful look. Moreover, you should decorate the stage with only yellow flowers.

The yellow color indicates the mehndi function.  You should choose the yellow theme for the stage, chairs, tents, and tabletop as well.

  • Select Attractive Elements

There are several event planners available; they provide you with different ideas and use attractive elements. Thus, if you prefer a mehndi decoration company to decorate your event, they will offer you complete decoration elements including the stage embellishment, Rasm e Hina, plates, thal, decorated sheets, multicolored candles, and multiple other elements as well.

Moreover, they not only come with artificial stuff but also provide you with fashion and henna ideas.

  • Decorate the Chairs and Sofas

There are different types of velvet dera available for outdoor wedding functions. You can also use this method to decorate the chairs.  However, if it is a mehndi function, you should use the only yellow theme for chairs and tables.

Wrap the chair with a yellow cover and use yellow ribbons to decorate them. Moreover, you can try other shades as well. If you want to make a color combination, then select green and yellow. You can also choose orange and yellow, and it depends on your preference.

Mehndi Entertainment Ideas

The best thing about mehndi events is that you can practice your favorite steps and perform them in front of them. Also, the event planners always provide you a decorated dance floor that enhances the fascination of the mehndi event.

However, the dance floor is usually recognized for dance clubs and other dancing events. However,  in Asian countries, a dance floor is being used to enjoy wedding events.

Also, not only youngsters but people of all ages can enjoy dancing on a mehndi occasion.  The two most popular types of dance they do are;

  • Simple and elegant dance
  • Multicolored and rangoli custom dance

Besides that, the older women perform a formal dance. They do traditional Gidda.  But the young ladies and men do a simple dance to different songs.

Choose Quality Food

Food is the most tempting part of Asian wedding functions. Moreover, good quality food can leave a good impact on your guests.  Different delicious recipes increase the value of the event and make the event memorable.

However, the most prominent dishes that everybody admires on wedding or mehndi event includes;

  • Bar-B-Que, a very delicious fried chicken dish.
  • Halwa-Pori, a sweet dish that you can serve as a dessert on mehndi functions.
  • Kabab, made of chicken.

Mithai (sweets). They are among the most popular Asian desserts.